6th May – 6th virtual club night

We need to try to make sure that we return to dancing (at what every time in the future) in as good physical condition as possible.

Here is a link to a clip I was sent by The Recovery Room (physios in Dunedin) with some good simple exercises to keep your back working, I have managed to do them more or less every day – it doesn’t take long. Recovery Room – back health

Doing one of the warm-up exercises every day (Amazing Grace or the Mervyn Short – links in earlier weeks) – during daylight hours in the morning feels better to me than in the evening.

Keep connected to other SC Dancers – have a look at what the Italian family have been doing (link last week) or watch the weekly lesson from somewhere in the world Dancer Scottish at Home Classes go to the “On-line Classes” menu at the bottom and then you can see the “previous classes” all listed. Or of course you could join the live class at 6:00Am Thursday mornings.


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